about me


Bianca (ECV)

I am a self-educated artist, and this places me in the amateur artist’s category. The Greek word for amateur is “erasitehnis”, which comes from the word “erastis” – meaning lover, and “tehni” – meaning art, in the female gender. In its semiotics, it suggests that amateurs are the lovers of art. Mainly, this is what I am – an ART LOVER.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, someone said a long time ago; and he spoke great truth. You cannot recognize beauty after a pattern, nor learn it after some school rules. Beauty requires feelings, after your own inner rules. This is the beauty of art.

being enthused by:

NATURE, with its life giving, through: birds, especially birds, a love I like to think I’ve “inherited” from my father, trees, plants, animals, insects, mountains, seas, oceans … everything that has the power to stop time for a second while you take the time to observe them.

One of my favorite birds are Ospreys, although, I love them all.

LITERATURE, showing that people are like you and your life is yours to live.

My favorite authors are: John Fowles and Irving Stone, although, there are so many others that left a mark.

MUSIC, with its Pink Floyd (another father influence), The Doors, Dire Straits, Nirvana and classical music. I love gifted pianists, like Nina Simone, as for me, beside her emotional vocal interpretation, her piano skills were divine.

or sudden smiles in the street (kind of “due to” mother’s influence), just because …

Steps in ART

Morrison (Jim), I was in love with him in the high school. Other than making “fun” drawings like any other kid, in my childhood, I showed no kind of inclination towards arts. None, until I saw a poster with Morrison, and I so badly wished to have one, too. The poster was not in a store for sale, it was owned by a friend which by no means she would give it to me.

Desperate to have that face on my wall, I begged her to give it to me for one night, thinking that I got to find a solution, somehow to make a portrait after that poster. Without thinking much, I took 4 pieces of paper, stick them together with duct tape , took an ordinary HD graphite crayon and made the portrait.

It was…it was Morrison in there, really was! And the feeling was extraordinary. However, not because I had it (the face), but because I had done it myself (the drawing).

From there, I started to fulfill wishes of having/making everything that made me vibe emotionally….or what people, kindly, asked me to make for them.

I am how I am, and what I am. In order to find out (how and what), I stopped thinking and chose doing.  I do not even resonate with the artist status. If you think I am, so be it. If you don’t, let me paint and draw!

You can choose to view my artworks (following the links on the “home” page), keeping an open mind, letting them tell you my story.

If you feel like talking, go ahead and write to me. I would be pleased to hear your opinion.

Technical data on my works:

Paintings are made in oils on canvas, or any other material that works with oils

Drawings are made in colored pencils, pastels and pen and ink, with or without colors.

All digital works are painted or drawn in Corel Painter X or Photoshop, using an Intuos 3 graphic tablet.

Thank you!

900“What the world thought made little difference. Rembrandt had to paint. Whether he painted well or badly didn’t matter; painting was the stuff that held him together as a man. The chief value of art, Vincent, lies in the expression it gives to the artist. Rembrandt fulfilled what he knew to be his life purpose; that justified him. Even if his work had been worthless, he would have been a thousand times more successful than if he had put down his desire and become the richest merchant in Amsterdam.”  

Lust for Life – Irving Stone

Mendes (da Costa), as he passed by Rembrandt’s old home in the Zeestrat, accompanied by Vincent (van Gogh), said: “He died in poverty and disgrace”.

“He didn’t die unhappy, though” said Vincent

One day at a time, remembering always that good vibes arise from doing things, either they are jobs, or helping a friend, or following a passion as better as you can. Our best expected reward must be the accomplishment feeling of giving the best, which in time, will pay rewards. One way or another, on a short or a long time, our works affects or touches people. So why not leave a good mark!

“If a peasant woman brings you a basket that she wants ornamented, do it as beautifully as you can, for in its modest way it is as important as a fresco on a palace wall”.

The Agony and the Ecstasy – Irving Stone